CBLDF Benefit Auction

It's Auctions... times THREE!

Saturday night at Fiddler's Green we're hosting an auction to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (since the CBLDF is why Fiddler's Green is happening!), and this will be an auction to remember!

Can't make it to the Convention? Willing to spend some cash for the Fund?

This announcement's for you, then!

Not only is there the At-Con Auction... but there's also a Fiddler's Green/CBLDF auction happening on eBay right now!

But that's not all!

In addition to all of that... those folks unable to come to Fiddler's Green still have a chance to bid and win some of the exclusive convention auction items.

We're introducing a Sealed Bid option.

Beginning 12 November, a list of items from the Fiddler's Green live auction will appear on our auction Sealed Bid page, for bids from folks not at the convention. At 5pm Central Time on Saturday, 13 November, bidding will close on those items.

The highest bid received for each of those items will be sealed into an envelope. When an item with a Sealed Bid comes up for bidding at the live auction on Saturday night, we'll announce to the attending bidders that there is also a Sealed Bid. Upon completion of the live bidding, the Sealed Bid will be opened.

We'll then compare that highest Sealed Bid against the highest Live Bid.
  • If the Live Bid is higher, the Live Bid wins.
  • If the Sealed Bid is higher, the highest Live Bid has one chance to raise the bid to win.
If the Live Bid does not or cannot go higher, the Sealed Bid wins.

Fiddler's Green attending members may not participate in the auction via Sealed Bid (bids submitted via the Sealed Bid process from attending members will not be considered).

At the convention

Some auction items will be on display in advance at the convention (in the Exhibits area, where the Art Show and Dealers' Room will also be located) for previewing to whet everyone's interest, so be sure to look for those tables in the Exhibits area!

The live auction will start at 7:30 pm Saturday.

We've received a multitude of delightful, amazing, and extraordinary items for the live auction, including:
  • A silver mask crafted by Elise Matthesen;
  • A porcelain bowl crafted by Jon Singer, with a glaze incorporating clay from underneath Neil's house;
  • A white leather jacket, donated by Jill Thompson, with her image of Delirium painted on the back;
  • A bracelet crafted by Caitlin R. Kiernan;
  • Original art from Jill Thompson, Brad Hodges, Ken Meyer Jr., "Bean" Hastings, and others!
  • Copies of many of Neil's works, including a boxed limited edition of Adventures in the Dream Trade, and an author's preferred edition of American Gods;
  • Original pages from Jill Thompson's At Death's Door;
  • A Neil Rat by Lisa Snellings-Clark;
  • The Endless' Doc Martens (boots) series by Maureen M. McCarty;
  • A collection of hand-crafted Endless rod puppets;
as well as a wonderful variety of books, comics, T-shirts, and other nifty goodies.

...and not to forget:

The Fiddler's Green Sketchbook

Compiled over the course of this year, the Fiddler's Green Sketchbook is a spectacular collection of original art from some of the most creative artists in the field, including:
  • Bryan Talbot
  • Charles Vess
  • Rantz Hoseley
  • Christopher
  • Roman Dirge
  • Jaime Hernandez
  • Dave Sim
  • Michael Kaluta
  • D'Israeli
  • Dave Gibbons
  • Teri S. Wood
  • Peter Gross
This collection of original Sandman sketches will only be bid at the live auction, Saturday night at Fiddler's Green.