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Attending: $100
Friday only $50
Saturday only $75
Sunday only $50
Supporting: $50

Who? What? Where? When?!

Millennium Hotel
Minneapolis, Minnesota
12-14 November, 2004
Guests of Honor:
   Neil Gaiman
   Karen Berger

   Charles Vess
   Todd Klein
   Caitlin R. Kiernan
   Jill Thompson

Fiddler's Green will be a Sandman-focused convention at the Millennium Hotel, Minneapolis, 12-14 November 2004. Membership is limited to 500 paid attending members, plus guests and staff. More about Fiddler's Green...

Latest News

It's Auctions... times THREE!

Can't get to Fiddler's Green on Saturday night to attend the CBLDF Benefit Auction? Willing to spend some cash for the Fund? There's also a Fiddler's Green/CBLDF auction happening on eBay right now!

But that's not all--folks unable to be in Minneapolis will still have a chance to bid on and win some of the exclusive Fiddler's Green auction items. We're introducing a Sealed Bid option. More details on the Auction Page.

At-the-door membership rates are now posted.

A partial contents list of the Souvenir Book is also now posted!

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Call for dangerously crazed volunteers

"In the meantime, a group of dangerously crazed noble and brave volunteers have put into motion plans for a limited membership Sandman conference, to be called FIDDLER'S GREEN, ... with all profits to the CBLDF."
(Neil's weblog, 22 February 2004)

We're dangerously crazed and we need help! Find out how to volunteer...