About Sandman

The Sandman was a 75-issue monthly comic created and written by Neil Gaiman from 1989--1996. Initially published by DC Comics, it later became the cornerstone of DC's Vertigo line. Before the series was halfway into its run, it was being collected into graphic novel format, in which it still continues in print.

The Sandman of the title is Dream of the Endless, also commonly known as Morpheus. He is the anthropomorphic personification of dream, as his Endless siblings are of the fundamental ideas expressed by their own names. In the course of the series we meet all seven Endless in various aspects of their personalities.

The Sandman begins with the ending of Dream's imprisonment--but his capture and the span of years he was held gave him cause and time to think, and to change, and, ultimately, to reach a transformative decision regarding his role. But Dream's transition is only one of the strands of Sandman--it's a complex multitude of tales, of many times and places, that reflect and refract in unexpected ways, told in a nonlinear manner but leading inexorably to Dream's decision and the resolution of his story. In a broader view, Sandman is a series of stories exploring the nature of stories and myth.

The Sandman came to visual life through the work of a host of the best artists working in comics, as well as letterer-extraordinaire Todd Klein for nearly the entire run of the series. Each issue had an exceptional cover created by Dave McKean; these have been collected into an art book of their own.

The series and its creators won multiple awards, including six Harvey Awards; and won or contributed to winning 20 Eisner Awards. (The Harveys, named for publisher and creator Harvey Kurtzman, and the Eisners, named for creator Will Eisner, are the highest-prestige recognitions in the comics industry.) Sandman is also the only comic to have won a World Fantasy Award for Best Short Fiction, for Neil's and Charles Vess's issue #19 "A Midsummer Night's Dream". The series has been included in or the subject of classes and critical studies in literature and mythology.

It has also had several sequels. Some are by Neil--the two miniseries about older sister Death; The Dream Hunters, another tale influenced by Dream; and most recently Endless Nights, comprising a story for each of the seven siblings. Others are stories or continuations by other creators--Mike Carey's Lucifer, Bill Willingham's The Thessaliad, Caitlin R. Kiernan's The Dreaming and Bast.

There are seven beings that are not Gods, that existed before humanity dreamed of Gods, that will exist after the last God is dead.

There are seven beings that exist because, deep in our hearts, we know that they exist.

There are seven beings that are called the Endless. They are, in order of age, Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire and Despair, and Delirium, who was once Delight.

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Season of Mists
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A Game of You
Brief Lives
World's End
The Kindly Ones
The Wake

Death: the High Cost of Living
Death: the Time of Your Life

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