Sealed Bid Auction

For folks unable to come to Fiddler's Green, there's still a chance to bid and win some of the exclusive convention auction items.

How It Works:

Sealed Bids may be submitted for the items listed below. The Sealed Bid option is available for only these items. (See "How to Submit A Bid" below for instructions.)

Fiddler's Green attending members may not participate in the auction via Sealed Bid (bids submitted via the Sealed Bid process from attending members will not be considered).

At 5pm Central Time on Saturday, 13 November, Sealed Bidding will close for these items. The highest bid for each item will be sealed into an envelope. When an item with a Sealed Bid comes up for bidding at the live auction on Saturday night, we'll announce to the attending bidders that there is also a Sealed Bid. The live auction will then be conducted. Upon completion of the live bidding, the Sealed Bid will be opened.

We'll then compare that highest Sealed Bid against the highest Live Bid.
  • If the Live Bid is higher, the Live Bid wins.
  • If the Sealed Bid is higher, the highest Live Bid has one chance to raise the bid to win.
If the Live Bid does not or cannot go higher, the Sealed Bid wins.

How to Submit A Bid

To place a Sealed Bid on one of the items listed below, send an email to with all of the following information:

SUBJECT: Fiddler's Green Sealed Bid for [item number]
(You may bid for as many items as you like, but please submit each bid separately! Combined bids will be invalid.)

(Double check the Item Number! Misnumbered/Unnumbered bids will be invalid.)

(Bid the Maximum Amount you are willing to spend on the item. Only one bid per person per item will be considered. Only the highest Sealed Bid for each item will be taken to the live auction.)


(How you plan to pay if you win the item: Check / Cashier's Check / PayPal / Credit Card--Visa/MC/Amex/Discover)

Sealed Bids may only be submitted to Bids submitted to any other email address will be invalid.

Winning bidders will be notified via email with payment guidelines.

Bidder is responsible for actual shipping costs. Shipping costs are not included in the bid price.

Items Available For Sealed Bids:

The Endless Doc Martens Collection Created by Maureen M. McCarty, these are a collection of Dr. Martens boots designed as if each of The Endless from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman would have worn them. Each set includes a pair of Doc Martens boots, a custom display box/case, and the envy of your friends and Sandman fans alike.

ITEM 001: The Endless Doc Martens Series: DEATH
These are the Death Docs. They are size UK 4 (equal to a US ladies 6, or US mens size 5), 20-eyelet, black crocodile patterned leather.

ITEM 002: The Endless Doc Martens Series: DELIRIUM
These are size UK 3 (equal to a US ladies 5, or US mens size 4), 10-eyelet, blue leather on one boot, green sparkle on the other.

ITEM 003: The Endless Doc Martens Series: DESIRE
These are size UK 8 (equal to a US ladies 10, or US mens size 9), 20-eyelet, deep burgundy patent leather.

ITEM 004: The Endless Doc Martens Series: DESPAIR
These are unknown size but appear to be a UK 11 (equal to a US ladies 13, or US mens size 12), 10-eyelet, well-abused, scuffed black leather.

ITEM 005: The Endless Doc Martens Series: DESTINY
These are size UK 8 (equal to a US ladies 10, or US mens size 9), soft brown leather with lace-up tie closure and buckle straps.

ITEM 006: The Endless Doc Martens Series: DESTRUCTION
These are size UK 12 (equal to a US ladies 14, or US mens size 13), cap steel toe, 10-eyelet lace-up. All spikes are screwed on with the exception of those on the steel toes, which are glued.

ITEM 007: The Endless Doc Martens Series: DREAM
These are size UK 9 (equal to a US ladies 11, or US mens size 10), 8-eyelet lace-up.

ITEM 008: Neil Rat
One of only 500, this sculpture was created by renowned artist Lisa Snellings-Clark, longtime friend and collaborator of Neil Gaiman. The hand-cast Neil-Rat is 3 inches tall, sitting on a copy of The Arabian Nights, and comes in a small black velvet bag.

ITEM 009: American Gods: The Author's Preferred Limited Edition
  • Features over 12,000 words (over 40 pages of new material) that did not appear in the trade edition of the book.
  • Bound and slipcased in a beautiful Japanese silk cloth.
  • Reading copy also included.
  • Each limited edition is signed and numbered by Neil Gaiman.
ITEM 010: Adventures In The Dream Trade: Slipcased Edition
Containing a selection of essays, introductions, poetry, songs, and the full text of Neil's American Gods signing tour weblog, this is one of the most diverse collections of Neil Gaiman work available. The GoH showcase book of Boskone 39, with an introduction by John M. Ford, this hardcover Slipcased Edition is one of only 290 copies. A reading copy of the trade paperback edition (corrected text) is also included.

ITEM 011: "Neil's Yard 725": Porcelain Bowl crafted by Jon Singer
Jon Singer has discovered that the clay under Neil Gaiman's house can be used to produce a special glaze for porcelain. The glaze of this bowl is approximately 72.5% Gaiman Clay, a little over 20% wood ash, and a bit over 5% iron oxide... The bowl is signed by the craftsman, and could also be signed by Neil (on request). Truly a one-of-a-kind item.

ITEM 012: Limited Edition Thingie T-Shirt
"Intelligent People, STUPID Behaviour"... this sums up the core group of fans who inhabit the Usenet group. Known as "Thingies" (named, inadvertently, by Neil), they decided to create a Tshirt so everyone would know them when they saw them. Designed by Ivory, with art supplied by Jill Thompson, this is one of only 12 shirts ever created... signed by Ivory, Jill Thompson, and Neil Gaiman.