Souvenir Book

Fiddler's Green is a unique convention, and the convention's Souvenir Book will also be a unique compilation for Sandman fans and collectors.

The book will have a full-color Dave McKean cover that's never been published before--it's a piece Dave made for a special sketchbook for Neil to take with him when he moved from England to the U.S. Several of the sketches in that gift book--drawn for Neil by Sandman artists and other friends--are also included in the Souvenir Book.

Neil's full original script of Sandman #70 "The Wake: Chapter One" will be printed in the Souvenir Book. The Souvenir Book will also include articles by and about, interviews with, and art by, the Fiddler's Green Guests of Honor, as well as text and art contributions from many Sandman creators and friends, including:

Gary Amaro Duncan Eagleson Lisa Snellings
Chris Bachalo Will Eisner Alec Stevens
Clive Barker John M. Ford Barron Storey
Poppy Z. Brite Bob Greenberger Bryan Talbot
Jonathan Carroll Scott McCloud Lawrence Watt-Evans
Richard Case Steve Oliff Gene Wolfe
Mike Dringenberg Shea Anton Pensa Michael Zulli
  Will Shetterly  

A copy of the Souvenir Book is included with every Fiddler's Green membership. (We'll mail them out afterwards to all supporting members and any attending member who didn't actually make it to the convention.)